Semasio. Serving some of the world’s biggest brands Semasio personalizes the digital marketing for every internet user by processing massive amounts of heterogeneous, unstructured data to produce tens of thousands of decisions per second, none of them taking more than 20ms. To achieve this means suspending the trade-off between volume, variety and velocity. Semasio does this by deploying state-of-the-art Machine Learning executed on new forms of hardware. The result is a qualitatively new paradigm in digital marketing – the first truly DATA-driven advertising approach.


ShiftForward. Founded in 2011, ShiftForward enables businesses in the online advertising industry to build and run their own ad technology as a way to gain a competitive advantage and maintain strategic control, unavailable with closed full-stack solutions. It does this through its product, the AdStax – a modular, component-oriented infrastructure specifically designed for large-scale, high-performance and low-latency ad-tech systems. AdStax enables deployment on hundreds or thousands of machines, orchestrating the provisioning and deployment on the cloud, and providing an interoperable and extensible layer for companies’ proprietary development.

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